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    AP Physics C is a one year, calculus-based course that is comparable in scope and level to the first two semesters of a university physics course for scientists and engineers.  The course follows the College Board AP Physics C curriculum and prepares students to take the AP Physics C exams in Mechanics and Electricity & Magnetism.  The topics covered are as follows:

    AP Physics C Topics

    Semester I- Mechanics

    1. Kinematics

    Chapter 2- Motion in One Dimension

    Chapter 3- Motion in Two and Three Dimensions

    2. Newton’s laws of motion

    Chapter 4- Newton's Laws

    Chapter 5- Applications of Newton's Laws

    3.  Work, energy, power

    Chapter 6- Work and Energy

    Chapter 7- The Conservation of Energy

    4.  Systems of particles, linear momentum

    Chapter 8- Systems of Particles and Conservation of Momentum

    5.  Circular motion and rotation

    Chapter 9- Rotation

    Chapter 10- Conservation of Angular Momentum

    6.  Oscillations

    Chapter 14- Oscillations

    7. Gravitation

    Chapter 11- Gravity 

    Semester II: Electricity and Magnetism

    1.  Electrostatics

    Chapter 21- The Electric Field I: Discrete Charge Distributions

    Chapter 22- The Electric Field II: Continuous Charge Distributions

    Chapter 23: Electric Potential

    2.  Conductors, Capacitors, Dielectrics

    Chapter 24- Capacitance

    3.  Electric Circuits

    Chapter 25- Electric Current and Direct-Current Circuits

    4.  Magnetic Fields

    Chapter 26- The Magnetic Field

    Chapter 27- Sources of the Magnetic Field

    5.  Electromagnetism

    Chapter 28- Magnetic Induction

    Chapter 30- Maxwell's Equations and Electromagnetic Waves


    Click here to view the AP Physics C:Mechanics Syllabus on Canvas.