NJHS Polices

  • 1) Requirements to apply for NJHS:

    • Semester average of 90 or above in all subjects.
    • No more than 3 B’s on report card during a semester.
    • No N’s, P’s, and U’s in conduct. S’s and E’s only.
    • Enrollment in at least one PAP class.
    • No ISS, ALA, or Suspension.

         To Remain a member on NJHS:  Once you have been accepted, you must meet the requirements above
         as well as:

    • Earn a total of 30 hours of community service by May 1st.
    • Create a poster presentation about volunteer experiences, also due May 1st.
    • Regular attendance at NJHS meetings

          Failure to maintain the above standards may result in probation or removal from the organization. 
          Please see Ms. Neal any time you have concerns or questions.

    2) Officers:

    • President – Assists sponsor with all aspects of club activities. Responsible for promoting ideals of club and maintaining communication with club members about ongoing service projects. Needs to be available before and after school, as needed, to help sponsor with club-related services. Provides introductory speech at induction ceremony.

    • Vice President – Assists the president and sponsor with club-related responsibilities. Available as needed by president to extend assistance to other members of the club.

    • Secretary – Assists sponsor with recording minutes of club activities, recording profits from fundraiser, preparing box tops for mailing, and other organizational needs as seen fit for the service of the club.

    3) Important dates for the year: