• Library Hours
    8:00 am - 4:00 pm

    • Students may come to the library before school to study, check out a book, or use the computers.
    • Students may come to the library during the school day with a pass from a teacher.
    • Students are scheduled to come to the library with their Reading classes and English classes.

    Book Checkout:

    • Three books may be checked out at a time. Books are checked out for a 3-week period (15 school days).
      • Books may be rechecked once.
      • A 5-cent fine per day will be charged for each overdue book.
      • Another book may not be checked out until all overdue books have been returned and fines have been paid completely or brought down to 50 cents or less. 
    • Magazines cannot be checked out.
    • Overdue/fine notices are handed out the first day of every week. 
    • Lost books, or books damaged beyond repair, must be paid for before another book can be checked out.
    • Reimbursements are given (within a year to the date of payment) to students whose lost books have been returned, and a receipt has been presented.
    • Students are ultimately responsible for the books they check out!

    Computer Usage:

    • Computer use in the library is for school related activities only.  Students are not allowed to play computer games.     
    • An Acceptable Use Policy, signed by a parent or legal guardian, must be on file at the school before a student can use the Internet.
    • Only items that are school related may be printed in the library.
    • Students should not share his or her username and password with anyone.
    • Students should be sure to log off whenever they are finished using a computer.

    Past Yearbooks:

    • Yearbooks from previous years are kept in Ms. Neal's office to protect and maintain them.
    • Students may look at yearbooks before school, during study hall, or during school if they have a pass from their teacher which specifically states that they are have permission to spend class time looking at yearbooks.