Industry Certifications

  • Industry certifications provide students with:

    • Professional credentials that demonstrate the student's aptitude and knowledge in industry-standard competencies and workplace readiness skills
    • Added value to transcript for college and university admissions and for obtaining an entry-level position in the job market
    • Increased opportunities for advancement within chosen career path
    • Enhanced self-esteem through real-world application of classroom knowledge

    2017 - 2018 Certifications Handbook

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

  • Canine Care & Handling

    This program was developed by the Continental Kennel Club to teach students about the proper and ethical treatment, handling and training of dogs. Covers dog behavior and socialization, animal learning, thinking and behavior modification.
    CTE Course: Small Animal Management.

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  • Floral Design

    Retail florists are looking for floral designers who know how to create the basic arrangements needed in a shop. This certification program allows districts to provide more value to their diploma and helps future floral designers meet retail florists' needs.
    CTE Course: Principles of Floral Design

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  • Certified Veterinary Assistant (CVA)

    This program educates students in the essential skills and knowledge needed to contribute to the veterinary medical care team. Required to work in veterinary clinics, labs and grooming centers.
    CTE Course: Practicum in Veterinary Technician

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  • Hunter Safety

    Offered through Texas Parks & Wildlife, this program covers the skills, regulations and responsibilities of hunting, wildlife conservation and the outdoors.
    CTE Course: Wildlife, Fisheries and Ecology Management

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  • Master Gardener

    The program offers instruction on lawn care, ornamental trees and shrubs, insects, diseases, weed management, soil/plant nutrition, vegetable gardening, home fruit production, garden flowers and water conservation.
    CTE Course: Horticulture Science

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  • Certified Welder

    Offered through NCCER (leading construction technology organization), this program covers topics such as basic safety, communication skills and introduction to construction drawings. Completing the NCCER curriculum gives the trainee the basic skills needed to continue education in any craft he or she chooses.
    CTE Course: Construction Management

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Architecture & Construction

  • Construction Technology

    Offered through NCCER (leading construction technology organization), this program covers topics such as basic safety, communication skills and introduction to construction drawings. Completing the NCCER curriculum gives the trainee the basic skills needed to continue education in any craft he or she chooses.
    CTE Course: Construction Management

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  • EPA Technician Certifications

    This program offers the national credentials needed to work with HVAC, refrigeration and motor vehicle systems.
    CTE Courses: HVAC, Automotive Technology

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  • HVAC-R Technician

    Offered through NCCER, the hands-on modules and training successfully prepare students for employment in various HVAC/R positions.
    CTE Courses: HVAC Program

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  • OSHA Safety Training & Certification

    OSHA Training & Certification helps to ensure that workers are more knowledgeable about workplace hazards and their rights while contributing to our nation's productivity.
    CTE Courses: Principles of Architecture & Construction, Construction Technology, HVAC, Welding I, Career Prep

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Arts, AV Technology & Communications

  • Arts, AV Technology & Communications

    Adobe Certified Associate and Adobe Final Cut Pro - Becoming Adobe® certified helps students retain what is learned and reduces the time-to-productivity curve that new hires often experience.
    CTE Courses: Animation, Audio/Video Technology, Video Game Design

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Automotive Technology (Transportation, Distribution & Logistics)

  • ASE (Auto Service Excellence)

    Industry standard for automotive industry
    CTE Courses: Automotive Technology, Advanced Automotive Technology

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  • I-CAR

    I-CAR - Dual Credit Program offered through San Jacinto College Collision Repair Training Program.
    CTE Courses: Auto Collision I and II

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  • ProCut

    TrainSMART, Pro-Cut's nationwide training and certification program, offers comprehensive instruction in rotor matching.
    CTE Course: Introduction to Automotive Technology (Energy, Power & Transportation)

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  • S/P2 (Safety & Pollution Prevention)

    S/P2 provides effective, easy-to-use, affordable training on safety and pollution prevention to every employee and student in the fleet, automotive repair and maintenance industry -- to reduce injury, illness and environmental impact.
    CTE Course: Introduction to Automotive Technology (Energy, Power & Transportation)

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Business, Marketing and Finance

  • Medical Coding & Billing

    This credential represents the gold standard in medical coding and billing and is nationally recognized by employers, medical societies and government organizations.
    CTE Course: Medical Coding & Billing

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  • MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist)

    Students demonstrate mastered skills in MS Office Suite, including Access, Word, Excel, Outlook Express and PowerPoint.
    CTE Course: Business Information Management (BIM)

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  • QuickBooks

    Intuit® QuickBooks, the industry leader in managerial accounting software for small business, provides an easy-to-understand platform for students to grasp accounting concepts while honing skills in the most prevalent bookkeeping application in small business today.
    CTE Course: Accounting I

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Engineering & Design

  • AutoCAD

    Autodesk Certified User (ACU) certification confirms students have the skills necessary to continue their design careers, whether they attend college, enter the workforce or work toward additional industry certification after graduation.
    CTE Course: Introduction to Engineering & Design

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Health Sciences

  • Certified Medical Assistant (CCMA)

    Medical assistants often take a medical histories and record vital signs of patients. They also complete the administrative and clinical tasks on the offices of physicians and hospitals.

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  • CPR and First Aid-AED for Healthcare Professionals

    This national certification is required in the healthcare industry. Students learn basic emergency life-saving techniques for adults, children and infants.
    CTE Course: Health Science Clinical

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  • Registered Dental Assistant (RDA)

    Dental assistants work alongside the dentist by preparing the patient for treatment, sterilizing instruments, passing instruments during the procedure, holding a suction device, exposing dental radiographs and taking impressions.
    CTE Courses: Dental Assistant I and II

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  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-Basic)

    EMT-Bs focus on rapid in-field treatment and transport to higher medical providers. They work in conjunction with other medical providers such as paramedics, nurses, physicians and other EMT-Bs.
    CTE Course: Practicum in EMT

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  • Pharmacy Technician (PT)

    State certification allows students to work in local pharmacies assisting pharmacists and performing administrative duties.
    CTE Course: Practicum in Pharmacy Technician

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Hospitality & Tourism

  • ServSafe

    The ServSafe Certification Program is a complete solution that delivers consistent food safety training to employees. The program covers basic food safety, personal hygiene, cross-contamination, time/temperature and cleaning/sanitation.
    CTE Courses: Culinary Arts I, Lifetime Nutrition & Wellness

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Human Services

  • Cosmetology

    In this dual credit program through San Jacinto College, students acquire a Texas cosmetology license.
    CTE Courses: Cosmetology I and II

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Information Technology

  • CompTIA A+

    The CompTIA A+ certification is the starting point for an IT career. The exams cover maintenance of PCs, mobile devices, laptops, operating systems and printers.
    CTE Course: Computer Maintenance

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  • CompTIA Network+

    The CompTIA Network+ certification is the sign of a qualified networking professional. The test covers entry-level telecommunications and networking skills.
    CTE Course: Telecommunications & Networking

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