Newsroom / Media Page

  • Media Relations
    Media have the responsibility to report noteworthy events, including those that occur in Pearland ISD. The district encourages positive relations with news reporters and other communications representatives and is committed to provide up-to-date, accurate information. Each week the Communications Department submits press releases and photographs to our local media. Communications also pitches features about the accomplishments of our students and staff in cooperation with school administrators and other department supervisors.

    Campus Access
    Pearland ISD has one spokesperson, Kim Hocott, Executive Director of Communications. All media reports and interviews will be handled by the spokesperson. Requests for campus photographs, videos and interviews will be scheduled through Communications (832-736-6176).

    We balance maintaining an appropriate learning environment along with publicizing news about the district. Media access to campuses shall be granted by the Communications Department. Without permission being granted, all media representatives will be denied access to campuses, buildings, staff or students. Principals are instructed to deny such access. Schools are to maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning with as few disruptions as possible.

    Avenues of Communication
    Communication is crucial to Pearland ISD's success. See Avenues of Communication for some of the ways we communicate with media and the community. We especially encourage media representatives to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages and subscribe to the Pearland ISD e-News.