• On this page you will find information regarding expectations, policies and procedures in my classroom.

    Classroom Expectations

    Students are expected to be in class, prepared to learn. 

    Every student in my classroom has the right to a safe learning environment. 

    Students are expected to turn in work in a timely manner.

    Students are expected to contribute to class discussions in a respectful way.

    Daily Supplies for Math

    Students are expected to bring the following supplies to class every day:  

    Go Math! Textbook

    Math Folder (Blue Folder)

    Pencil Bag (should include pencils, red pens, scissors, glue stick, and colored pencils)

    Device, charger, and headphones

    Math Textbook

    The Math textbook should be brought to class every day.  Students use this textbook to take notes in class and reflect on learning.  Students are encouraged to take home their textbook regularly as it will assist students in preparing for class assessments and tests.  Students should keep their textbook up-to-date at all times, whether present or absent.  

    Corrections Policy

    Students who receive a score below a 70 on any assignment, including tests, may make corrections. The highest grade a corrected assignment may receive is a 70.

    Corrections will be sent home on Thursdays.  Corrections are to be completed on the original assignment and then turned in to the student's homeroom turn in tray. Grades will be entered in Skyward at my earliest convenience.

    Late Work/Missing Work Policy

    All late work/missing work will be accepted until a specific due date has been provided to my students.  This is usually the Friday before the grading period ends.  No points will be deducted from a student's grade if turned in late. 

    Students are notified of missing assignments via Skyward and/or Canvas. 

    Late work/Missing work is to be turned in to the homeroom teacher's Missing Work or Late Work tray in my classroom.  Grades will be entered in Skyward at my earliest convenience.

    While You Were Out

    When a student is absent, it is the student's responsibility to collect all work/notes that were missed during the absence.  Work and notes can be found on the absent cabinet where their papers will be clipped with their name on it.  They will need to look for any and all assignments with their name to be completed.  Students will have one school day to complete make-up work per days absent. They can turn in absent work to their class turn in tray. Grades will be entered in Skyward at my earliest convenience.


    Devices have been added to our classroom to enhance, not hinder, the learning process.  Students should bring a laptop/tablet with them every day to class.  If a child does not have a device for instructional purposes, other arrangements will be made in class in order to complete online assignments.  Students will be instructed to access Pearland ISD's Wi-Fi during these activities.  Your data plan should not be affected when your child is using the district's Wi-Fi. 

    Students may need their device for one, some, or all assignments on certain days.  Students should not be using their device until instructions have been given to do so in class.  If a student is using a device in class without instruction to do so, they are subject to the school consequences.  

    Students will not be allowed to use their cell phone as their device.

    Devices are permitted in classrooms only.  Students using their device in common areas (i.e.: gym, cafeteria, hallways, outside) before, during, or after school are subject to school consequences.   

    Graded Paper Assignments and General Information

    Graded paper assignments and general Rogers Middle School or individual classroom information will be sent home on Thursdays in a red folder.  This folder will also include corrections to be completed from that week and any additional information for you or your child regarding the school or classroom notes from the teacher(s).  Parents are asked to remove everything from the folder and return the folder to your child's homeroom teacher with any items to be returned, like signed forms/conduct cards, on Friday.