• Fifth Science Year-Long Course Overview


    Term One: 


    Exploring Matter and Energy

    Classifying Matter Based on Physical Properties

    Mass, Magnetism, Physical State, Relative Density, Solubility, Conductors/Insulators, Thermal/Electrical Energy
    Properties of Mixtures
    Properties of Solutions
    Dissolving in a Solution/Separating Mixtures and Solutions

    Explore Uses of Energy: Mechanical, Light, Thermal, Electrical, Sound

    Flow of Energy in Circuits


    Term Two: 


    Demonstrate reflection and refraction

    Design an Eperiment Using Force and Motion

    Interaction of the Sun and Ocean in the Water Cycle

    Differentiation between Weather and Climate

    Landforms as a Result of Changes to the Earth's Surface

    Formation of Sedimenary Rocks and Fossil Fuels

    Physical Characteristics of the Sun, Earth, and Moon


    Term Three: 


    Rotation/Revolution of the Earth

    Interactions in the Environment

    Flow of energy in Environments

    Predicting the Effects of Changes in Environments

    Identify fossils as Evidence of Past Living Organisms

    Compare Structures and Functions of Organisms 


    Term Four: 


    Differentiate between Inherited Traits and Learned Behaviors

    Science STAAR review


    May 2021 STAAR Science Test