• Welcome to AP Chemistry!!

    The AP Exam is Friday, May 7th, 2021! 

    Summer Assignment
    The AP Chemistry summer assignment is really a review of material that you should already be familiar with.  You should work on it a few weeks before you return to school. It is attached here: AP Chem Summer Assignment

    After School Labs **we will not hold labs during remote learning**
    AP Labs are a required part of this course.  The lab handouts are given out the week before the lab.

    • Labs are held after school, either on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday, starting no later than 2:30.  You must pick a lab day and stick with it throughout the year, barring emergencies. The new lab calendar will be provided in August.
    • Prelab write-ups are due on the day of lab.  Lab analyses are due one week after the lab day at the beginning of class.  Guidelines on how to write up a lab are attached here: AP Lab Report Guidelines
    • Labs are 10% off for every day that they are late.  
    • You must use a carbonless lab notebook for lab write-ups (there is information in the Summer Assignment on how to get one).

    All class content (notes, labs, etc) will be via CANVAS


    Want to play a game?
    Try Chemistry Mahjong!  Prove to me that you played it (screen shot of the completed game) and earn some extra credit!

    AP Chem Resources:
    Check out the links below for LOTS of chemistry resources and extra help.