ZAP - Zeros Aren't Permitted

  • In the event a student has a missing assignment (excluding major grades/projects) they may be ZAPPED. This means that they will need to either get the assignment turned in the next morning by 8:35 a.m. or go to ZAP during lunch to complete the assignment.


    Extra Information:

    • Students will either need to bring their lunch from home or purchase a sack lunch from the cafeteria
    • Students have the opportunity to turn in the missing assignment the next morning before 8:30 in order to avoid attending ZAP
    • Please note that although a ZAPPED student turns in their work and doesn’t have to attend the ZAP lunch, it still counts towards their cumulative total of ZAPS.
    • Students who are absent will not be ZAPPED unless they have passed the allowed number of completion days.


    # of ZAPS                              Consequences

    0-2   ZAPS                                      Teacher Call or Email 

    3     ZAPS                                       1 Lunch Detention

    4     ZAPS                                       1 hour  After School Detention

    5     ZAPS                                       2 hour After School Detention

    6 +  ZAPS                                       ISS



    This program restarts each nine weeks. It isn’t cumulative from nine weeks to nine weeks.


    Reminder – ZAPS count towards Roughneck Card Awards