• Accelerated Reader Home Connect


    Due to the generous support of the Silverlake PTO, we are able to continue to offer the AR program 'AR Enterprise' to our students in grades 1 - 4. This is a web-based reading incentive program that gives our students access to over 140,000 tests, with more being created daily. Students read a book, take a computerized test on the content of that book, and earn points that can be spent at the "AR Store" at the end of the year.

    Although students must still take all AR tests at school, you can log in at home to see how many points they have earned and which books they have read. Just click on the "Home Connect" link above.  Once in Home Connect, you may click on "View My Bookshelf" to see all the tests that your child has taken at Silverlake. Selecting one of the books shown allows you to see when the test was taken, the test score for that book, and the number of points earned.

    Every Tuesday from 3:00 - 4:00 pm the library is open for "Extended Library" so that students, when accompanied by a parent, can read books, take AR tests, and check out books. Parents may also check out books at this time: the limit is 5 books per student at Silverlake.