• 4th Grade Behavior Plan


    4th Grade Class DOJO


    Cockrell uses a PBIS model that is school wide and expectations are consistent throughout each grade level. Our school’s focus for behavior centers around teaching students to be Safe, respectful, and responsible. Teachers take a positive approach to manage behaviors through Class DOJO and students are able to earn points using this system. Students are rewarded individually and as a class when they reach certain point levels that are determined by the teacher. Student’s are not docked points for misbehaving, but they are documented as neutral points to give feedback to parents on a daily basis. However, each 9 weeks students are still given a conduct and work habits grade that is averaged based off weekly Dojo Reports. If your child receives a neutral dojo point that is due to conduct, the grade is calculated as the following:


    If your child receives a neutral dojo point that falls under the work habits category, the grade is calculated using this scale:


    Neutral Points










    1. Disruptive talking/behavior (Respectful)
    2. Not following rules (Safe, Respectful)         
    3. Horseplay in Restroom (Safe)
    4. Poor hallway behavior (Safe, Respectful)
    5. Out of seat w/o permission (Respectful)
    6. Talking back/disrespectful (Respectful)
    7. Poor cafeteria behavior (Safe, Respectful)
    8. Poor behavior in specials/assemblies (Safe, Respectful)
    9. Poor behavior during arrival/dismissal (respectful, responsible)
    10. Other


    Work Habits

    1. Not following directions (Responsible)
    2. Not completing class work (Responsible)
    3. Not completing homework (Responsible)
    4. Not returning materials/papers (Responsible)
    5. Not having supplies (Responsible)
    6. Not using time wisely (Responsible)
    7. Not keeping desk area/tub neat and clean (Responsible)
    8. No name on paper (Responsible)
    9. Other