• Strengths Associated with Dyslexia

    Most people with dyslexia, regardless of age, show many strengths in their higher-level thinking skills. In fact, there are many CEOs and business owners with dyslexia who have succeeded because they are able to "think outside the box" in very creative ways.

    These strengths are what make the reading disorder of dyslexia so unexpected compared to the person's abilities:

    • Good at understanding new concepts; very intuitive
    • Excellent problem-solving skills; able to see the "big picture"
    • Exhibits curiosity; always asking "why, why, why"
    • Has great imagination and creativity
    • Often great artists and designers
    • Has the ability to figure things out, good analytical skills
    • Typically much stronger in math, especially when word problems are read to them
    • Often very good at athletics
    • Has surprising maturity
    • Excellent comprehension of stories read or told to him
    • A large oral vocabulary for their age group
    • Enjoys solving puzzles and building models; good 3D visualization and mechanical skills