• Spanish II Pre-AP Syllabus

    Fall 2019

    Instructor:                   Profesora Angelica Millan

    Location:                     South Campus, Room N134

    Classroom Hours:        6:45 am-2:45 pm MON-FRI

    School Phone:             281-997-7445 (leave a message and I will call back on conference time)

    Email Address:           millana@pearlandisd.org


    Tutorials: Monday 2:25-2:55                 



    1. To lay a foundation for understanding, speaking, reading and writing a foreign language
    2. To appreciate and understand the culture and literature of other countries.



    Oral repetition, conversation, asking and answering questions, pair and group work, reading assignments, writing exercises, projects, songs, games and cultural lessons 1st Semester Grade Breakdown:

    You will have Sustained Silent Reading (S.S.R), Daily Oral Language(D.O.L) and Homework DAILY in addition to -  

    Monday                                  Vocabulary Introduction/Review   

    Tuesday/Wednesday            Grammar Instruction

    Thursday                               Grammar/Vocabulary Review and Lectura Para Todos

    Friday                                     Vocabulary/Grammar Quizzes/Clozeline and Listening Activity


    Attendance and Tardies

    Regular attendance is very important in order to keep up in a foreign language classroom.  Students should arrive on time.  If a student is tardy, he/she will not be admitted to class without a pass from the tardy station.  If a student misses more than 10 minutes of a class, he/she is counted absent.


    Abscence/Late Work

    One class day per day of absence is allowed for makeup work for excused absences.  It is the student's responsibility to ask for any make-up work after an absence.

    If you know you will be absent, please check with me ahead of time to pick up your work.  If you are absent for an extended period of time, contact the counselors for your assignments.

    On major projects/papers late work will be accepted on the following grading scale: 

    1st day  -50 points


    Tests and Grading

    Tests will be given regularly.  All students present will take the test.  Any tests missed due to absences must be made up within one day per consecutive day of absence.

                            Daily work - regular classes - 40%

                            Major grades - regular classes - 60%

     Semester grade - average of the two nine-weeks grades + final exam.  Final exam is 20% of the semester average.


    You are permitted 3 days to redo Tests and/or Quizzes with grades below a 70%. It is your responsibility to come to me and make arrangements.


    Expectations for Smooth Classroom Operation:

    The major premise is that no student may interfere with the teacher's responsibility to teach the subject, and no student may interfere with another student's right to learn.  With that in mind, the following behavior is expected:

                Be courteous and show respect for teacher, peers, visitors, and property.

                Follow all school and classroom rules and procedures.

                Listen quietly when announcements are made.

                Come to class on time with all materials and remain in class the entire period.

                Keep food, drinks and gum outside the classroom.

                Dispose of trash properly

    As a safety consideration, keep aisles free of backpacks, purses, books, notebooks, bags, etc.

                Do not bring hats into the classroom.

                Handle all grooming activities in the restroom.

    No personal radios, MP3  players or other such electronic devices allowed in class.

                All cellular phones must be turned off and out of sight.

                Use always your  ID


    Disciplinary Action:

    Not following the classroom rules will result in the following action or actions:

    1. Warning & after class conference with student/last out
    2. One hour detention and call to parent
    3. Two hours detention and call to parent
    4. Referral to principal

    Severe infractions will result in immediate referral to principal


    Written Work

    Written work is to be done on white notebook paper in blue or black ink only.  Students may write on both sides of the paper except for formal writing assignments.  All work must be legible.  If a student cannot write legibly, then she/he may print.



    All students will be required to have the following supplies for Spanish II, in class, by Friday, August 24, 2016:

    1" Binder (D.O.L, Vocabulary/Grammar, Notes, Culture/Misc.)

    1 Spiral/Composition notebook for journal writing

    5 dividers 

    notecards (small-medium size, any color)

    1 box of tissue

    Spanish Workbook (should be in brought to class everyday)

    Binder, notebook paper, Workbook and Composition Notebook and pens should be brought to class daily!!

    In addition, each student is responsible for workbooks, additional textbooks, and readers checked out to him/her for classroom use.  Students are not to write in these materials.  When students are finished using classroom materials, they should be returned to the designated places.  Classroom materials should not be left in or on the desks.  Personal items left in the classroom will be turned in to the Lost and Found in the receptionist’s area.

    Only materials related to this class are to be used during class time.

    All Pearland ISD and Pearland High School rules and guidelines will be followed.