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    Pearland High School's Speech & Debate Team participates in TFA and UIL events throughout the school year. We have both team and individual events that our students compete in.  Pearland Speech and Debate is an activity for students to study, practice, and compete in the areas of argumentation, speech making, literary interpretation, and acting. You have opportunities to receive local, state, and national recognition for your acheivements as well as additional opportunities for students to earn scholarships.

    The events that are available to students are: DEBATE --Lincoln Douglas Debate, 1 vs. 1 debate over morality based topics --Public Forum Debate, 2 vs 2 debate over morality based topics --Congressional Debate, individual event in which students write speeches in support of or against pre-published bills and resolutions and present speeches based on Parliamentary Procedure

    SPEAKING --Extemporaneous Speaking, individual event in which students exercise their ability to think quickly and present speeches about current events eloquently --Impromptu Speaking, individual event similar to Extemporaneous speaking, but with funner topics.

    ACTING --Humorous Interpretation or Dramatic Interpretation, individual event in which the student acts out a memorized scene (or scenes) for 10 minutes. Themes must fall under either Humorous or Dramatic --Duet/Duo Acting, partner acting similar to Humorous and Dramatic Interp except there are no theme restrictions. --Prose/Poetry Interpretation, individual event in which a student performs a prose or poetry selection while reading the text from a binder

    Tentative Tournament Schedule: 2018-19


    __ Dawson High School September 8, 2018

    ___Houston Memorial High School September 28-29, 2018

    ___Bellaire High School October 12-13, 2018

    ___Clear Lake High School October 26-27. 2018

    ___Clear Brook High School November 9-10, 2018

    ___Alief Taylor High School November 30/Dec 1, 2018

    ___Clear Springs High School December 7-8, , 2018

    ___Clear Creek High School January 18-19, 2019

    ___Lamar High School January 25-26, 2019

    ___Texas City High School February 1-2, 2019


     ___TFA State March 2019                                                                                



     DEBATE HANDBOOK 2018-19