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Spanish 1 PAP 2020-2021

Read and discuss the Policies and Procedures with your parents.

2020-2021 Important advise for remote and Face to face students: Please keep and organize by chapters all notes and work in a binder or folder as these notes are used in class often. Spanish is cumulative and I will be referencing to prior notes by chapter and work sheet numbers or titles. 


Spanish 1 PAP syllabus

Spanish 1 PAP pace and sequence


Useful Power Points

Para empezar A 

Time Notas  

Para empezar B 


El Tiempo (weather)

Definite and Indefinite Articles

Capitulo 1A Plural of Nouns


Gustar #1

Gustar #2

Agree or Disagree

Capitulo 1B 


Adjetivos Practica

Subject Pronouns

Capitulo 2A 

Present tense Notas


Capitulo 2B

 Ser vs Estar

-er and -ir verbs practica

Capitulo 3A Gustar with nouns or infinitive

Capitulo 3B Stem Changers Notas

Stem Changers practica

DOP = Direct Object Pronouns

Capitulo 4A 

Ir + a + infinitive or place

Question WordsQuestion Words Song

Capitulo 4B 

Must Watch/look P.Point before submitting the quiz.

ir +a + place/infinitive review 

Irregular YO verb song

ir + Video

Saber vs Conocer Video

Capitulo 5A T

tener expressions

Mayor or menor que...