General Procedures

  • Conference Time: My conference time is from 10:20 - 11:10.  Please call me at 281-412-1440 or email me at to schedule a conference.

    Tutorials: Science and Social Studies tutoring is offered Wednesday and Thursday mornings (8:00am - 8:20am) and Tuesday afternoons (3:50pm - 4:45pm). Each student has been given a pass to attend tutoring. If they have missed placed their pass, they can use a handwritten note from a parent.

    Monday Take Home Folders: Monday folders are sent home every Monday with your child.  The folders should be returned during homeroom class on Tuesday morning.  The Monday folders contain graded papers, a blue conduct card, missing assignments, assignments that need to be corrected and returned, and campus information. 

    Conduct Cards: Conduct cards are sent home every Monday. The cards are to be reviewed and signed by a parent or guardian. The conduct cards should be turned in during homeroom class Tuesday morning.

    Homework: Science Homework is given on Tuesdays. Social Studies homework is given on  Thursdays. Homework is due on Friday unless otherwise stated. Please note that if classwork is not finished in class it may become homework as well.

    Late Work & Missing Assignments: If a student has a missing assignment for the week, the student will receive the incomplete assignment in his/her folder. Your student has up to one week (the following Monday) to complete the assignment or he/she will earn a grade of a zero on the missing assignment. If a student earned a grade below a 70 on an assignment, he or she will have up to one week (the following Monday) to correct the assignment or the original grade of below a 70 will remain in the grade book. All corrections should be done on a separate sheet of notebook paper and attached to the original paper.  No corrections are to be done on the original assignment.

    Planners/Agendas: Your child is responsible for keeping a record of class objectives in his/her planner daily.  Objectives and assignments are posted in the classroom.