Invention Convention

  • We are extremely excited this year to be able to offer our 6th grade students the opportunity to experience an Invention Convention! All students are required to create an invention for their science class and then volunteer to enter it into the Convention. (It is mandatory for Advanced classes to enter the project).

    Have you ever wanted to improve the normal everyday products or tools that you use for housework or jobs? Have you ever wanted to make something better? That is what your child is going to try to do: through the process of coming up with a better method or product, they will experience the creativity that it takes to build their own invention.

    The inventions themselves and the development will be completed at home once they have been approved by their science teacher. Inventions will be done independently (no groups or partners) by the student. Parents, we know that you want to pitch in and help, but we ask that you please supervise, offer moral support, and help with the round up of materials and supplies, only. Your student needs the experience of completing an invention on their own.


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