• H.C. Carleston Elementary School Music 

    In the Carleston Elementary School music laboratory, students have the opportunity to explore many current and historical trends in music.  Students are introduced to pitched and non-pitched rhythm instruments.  Each musician at Carleston is encouraged to exercise his or her voice.  In addition to these, an assortment of electronic instruments and software is available.  The capstone musical experience centers around the students learning to perform on instruments such as classical guitar, electronic keyboard, an the piano accordion.

    Our music classroom is a safe environment where students are encouraged to explore new ideas and take educational risks.  Each student's ideas and theories are valuable.  We meet in a music laboratory where ideas and theories will be tested.  Students will be questioned and encouraged to question material we encounter.

    The three pillars of every activity are Listening, Performing, and Composing.  Students are treated like musicians in our classroom.  Projects, problem-solving, collaborative learning, and performances are key strategies that we utilize to learn.

  • Mr. Berlin

  • Accordian






    Dance Jump Rhythm