• Sheet Music

    Below are some of the tunes we play in class on the accordion and harmonica.  

    Accordion Music: You may notice a hand with a dot on the finger printed on the music.  To help with finger placement, a sticker is adhered to the G on the accordion.  The hand-dot graphic helps the students quickly remember where to place their hand on the keyboard. 

    Harmonica Music: Students play on harmonicas in the key of C. The numbers in the music coincide with the holes in the harmonica. A number by itself, such as 4, means to blow air through that particular hole. A number followed by an apostrophe, such as 4', means to draw air in through that particular hole.

    More: Notice the [More] button at the bottom of the page. Clicking that button reveals the complete list of sheet music available for that instrument.

Accordion Music

Harmonica Music