Thursday Take Home Folder Day . . . What to do With Your Folder

  • Red Take Home Folders are given out to students every Thursday and must be returned on Friday. The folder contains graded papers, conduct cards, informational letters, and announcements. It is important that a guardian/parent reviews the folder's contents with their student every Thursday and signs the folder log. This is a major way we communicate conduct and academic progress.

     How to use the Take Home Folder:

    1. Collect all graded papers in this folder. Any papers that are below 70 should be taken out and redone for up to 70. Bring your corrections back by the following Monday to receive credit for the correction.

    2. Put anything that requires a signature back in the folder (labeled "bring back") and return to your homeroom teacher on Friday. 

    3. All work with a grade above 70 should be removed and kept at home. *teachers suggest keeping a file or a box of work throughout the school year.