Girls' Athletics

Nothing Given, Everything Earned
  • Athletics Course: If you are currently enrolled in athletics you MUST have a completed physical by the first day of school. If you are still interested in being in Athletics, instead of PE, you will need to try-out for volleyball or basketball and make the team. Anyone that has a current physical on file is eligible to try-out for any sport that we offer. Please contact Coach Gray for further inquiries related to the Athletics Course and/or try-outs for a particular sport. 

    If you have any questions, please contact me at 281-412-1222 or


  • Click the links below for important information for Girls' Athletics:

    Directions to Playing Sites

    Requirements for Athletics and Sports

    Online Forms

    UIL/Pearland ISD paperwork for the school year must be completed online for each athlete before they will be allowed to participate in any off-season, in-season, or try-outs.  To complete these forms go to: Online Forms (

    The parent/guardian will be asked to provide information such as home phone numbers, cell phone numbers, email addresses, name of the primary physician, insurance policy information and other pertinent information. Please make sure you have this information with you when filling out your forms electronically.  Remember,  to submit online forms correctly, you and your child must fill out and sign in all required spaces. Forms will not be accepted electronically without all required information being completed.

    Physical Exam & Medical History

    The physical exam and medical history must be completed on the UIL/Pearland ISD approved forms and turned into the appropriate personnel before the athlete will be allowed to participate in any off-season, in-season, or try-outs.  Physical exams must be performed by either a Physician, a Physician Assistant licensed by a State Board of Physician Assistant Examiners, or a Registered Nurse recognized as an Advanced Practice Nurse by the Board of Nurse Examiners. Examination forms signed by any other health care practitioner, will not be accepted.  Physical exams must be dated on or after April 1st.

    Physical and Medical History Form

    Junior High Students:

    Return all completed Medical History/Physical Exam forms to your head coach.

    You will not be allowed to participate in any off-season, in-season or try-outs until both the electronic form and the physical exam/medical history form is turned in.

    If you have any questions, call the Athletic Trainer at:

    • Pearland High School 281-997-3260 or 281-997-3283
    • Dawson High School 281-412-8835


  • Athletics Training and your sport go hand in hand, you need to be conditioned. The workout you put in daily will yield great results and great rewards - Get it done Ladies!




    VOLLEYBALL - Thank you to everyone that tried out, we appreciate your hard work and effort.


    Basketball and Cross Country are the next Sports in Athletics - Listen to the announcments for when there will be an informational meeting. (October)