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  • Reading Expectations


    Students will be assigned a copy of Henretta’s America’s History (8th Edition) textbook.  Students may choose to purchase AMSCO Review book. 

    Students will read assigned chapters from the Henretta and/or textbook for each unit.

    When reading the AMSCO book, students must be aware the purpose of this resource. The intent is to provide fundamental knowledge of historical concepts. The book leaves most of the historical narrative out compared to the Henretta readings. Yet, the primary focus on content in AMSCO assists students in further comprehending the historical concepts in their role in American historical development when combined Primary Sources and the Henretta chapter readings. In addition, students must avail themselves to the exercises and activities at the end of each AMSCO chapter, including the "Historical Perspectives," "Multiple-Choice Questions," "Essay Questions," and, most importantly, "Documents and Readings."

    When reading the Henretta textbook, students must consider all components of the chapter. Each unit begins with "Thematic Understanding", and the chapters start with “Identify the Big Idea,” gearing students to the connections they will need to make.  There are also orange boxes on the sides of the reading pages that should be looked at and answered. At the end of each chapter is the “Key Turning Points,” briefly summarizing the effects of the historical developments in the chapter along with a time line of significant events on the “Timeline.” Students must use the sub-heading titles within the chapter to guide their reading comprehension of the historical narrative of each chapter. Very importantly, students must learn and connect key concepts italicized and headlined in the chapter in conjunction with the "Key Terms/People/Places/Events" listed at the end of the chapter. While students are not assigned written responses other than the questions in their reading packet, they must be able to answer the "Recall and Reflect" questions at the end of the chapter as a form of reading assessment and to be ready for class discussion. And, most importantly, students must not overlook primary and secondary sources, their source lines, thematic inserts, "Thinking Like A Historian" inserts, and their assessment questions placed throughout the chapter. Students must review and analyze the documents and exercises considering historical situation of the chapter and the author's purpose, point of view, and intended audience, and why this document is important enough to make it in the textbook (SAPPY).

    The American Yawp is an online American History textbook designed for the general reader of American History. It is recommended for students as a supplemental text to provide an "easy-to-read" narrative for historical content.

    Students are expected to have read and comprehended assigned chapter readings along with the aforementioned chapter resources for in-class discussions, in-class assignments, and formal assessments, including written short responses and essays. Students may visit me to discuss any uncertain or unclear concepts from assigned readings, or feel free to ask in class.

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