PJHE Band Principles & "Vision"

  • This information can be found in this year's PJHE Band Handbook

    The Pearland ISD Fine Arts programs have had a proud history of accomplishments.  It is our responsibility to build upon these successes and set higher standards for this year and for the future at Pearland JH East.  We are privileged to have parents, teachers, administration, and a school board who are committed toward having a quality music education program in Pearland ISD.

    As a member of the PJH-East Band, you are expected to take pride in its accomplishments and dedicate yourself to the bands’ current and future success.

    Our educational goals are to develop competent musical performers, promote music appreciation, train future high school band members, enhance the development of responsibility as a citizen, and foster good self-discipline in members of the PJH-East Bands.

    Band provides a recreational goal by offering the opportunity for worthwhile use of leisure time, for an emotional outlet, and for social activity with a family of long lasting friends.  You represent an outstanding school and community who are very proud and interested in your achievements.  Your actions must be exemplary both in and out of the PJH-East Band.


    Pearland JH East Band Principles:

    The Pearland JH East Band Program is based on more than just musical excellence. We take great pride not only in how well we perform as musicians, but more importantly, in the way in which we conduct ourselves on a daily basis, both in and out of the band classroom or stage. It is in the way we treat ourselves and others, both in and out of our band family, which makes the PearlandJH East Band Program the best that it can be.

    There are several key guidelines we try to live by that facilitate these values:

    1. Attitude – “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you choose to react to it.” Approaching every situation with the proper mindset can dramatically affect the outcome.

    2. Be Proactive – Think and plan ahead always. Do not wait to be told how to do things you already know how to do. Do not let life take you by surprise. Try to anticipate events and circumstances, and prepare for them in advance.

    3. Commitment – The ability to begin a task or concept and follow through until its full completion. This often means fighting through frustration, difficult times or momentary distractions to reach a worthwhile goal.

    4. Generosity – Share the talents you have been given unselfishly with others. This often refers to monetary donations, but it also is simply taking time out of your day to help another person. Who did you go “out of your way” for today.

    5. Integrity – Always do the right thing in every situation – even if it isn’t the easy choice. What decisions do you make when you are by yourself?

    6. Judgment – The ability to decide what is important and what is not. Do not waste energy on situations beyond your control, but don’t use this as a cop-out for situations that you could positively affect with effort.

    7. Respect – Treat others in a kind and caring way. “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.”

    8. Responsibility – The ability to respond to every situation with your own choice. Evaluate yourself honestly, and always strive for improvement. Push yourself to do the best in all you do.

    9. Trust – The ability to believe in and depend upon a person’s character. Trust is an essential element in any meaningful relationship. With every interaction trust is gained or lost. Make sure you build trust with as many people as possible through all human contact.

    10. Walk the Talk – Actions speak louder than words. Don’t be hypocritical. If you say you are going to take care of something, make sure it gets done. If you offer help to others, make sure you have taken your own advice. 

    Through positive attitudes and actions, we try to affect the world around us in the most productive and helpful way possible. Through music, we hope to bring enjoyment to those for whom we perform. This is one of the truest rewards for the diligent work of all of the students, private lesson teachers and directors at Pearland Junior High East.


    Pearland JH East Band “Vision”

    Student Characteristics:

    • Make good and well-thought out decisions
    • Find enjoyment in working diligently and intelligently
    • Set high standards for themselves with regard to conduct
    • Treat each other with sincere respect and encourage each other to be successful members of a team
    • Put the group and others ahead of themselves
    • Set the standard with regards to maturity, enjoyment and energy
    • Develop great practice and study habits while mastering the fundamentals of their instruments
    • Know when to ask for help
    • Know when to offer help
    • Show respect to all adults, teachers, clinicians, volunteers, chaperones, etc.
    • Learn to communicate effectively and appropriately


    Director Characteristics:

    • Obvious commitment to the students
    • Communicate goals, expectations and visions clearly
    • Reward positive habits, behaviors, accomplishments and actions in a timely manner
    • Follow through on commitments personally, academically and musically
    • Provide a wealth of information in a simple and motivational manner
    • Time commitment to individuals
    • Commitment to planning and goal-setting
    • Ability to help students reach their goals in the appropriate manner
    • Understanding of students, their needs, interests and motivational types
    • Communicate with parents regarding student success and individual needs through e-mail, phone calls and personal communication
    • Display the ability to learn and better themselves as people, musicians and teachers
    • Ability to ask for help when needed


    Environmental Characteristics:

    • Calm and pleasing atmosphere
    • “Air” of success throughout the band hall
    • Organized and clean
    • Inspirational and motivational
    • Open door policy
    • Fun place to hang out where there is an awareness of environment and instruction taking place
    • Family-like atmosphere