• Welcome class of 2021 - 2022

    If you are anything like most of the other fifth grade students we have enjoyed teaching, you might be excited and a little bit nervous about starting middle school. 

    **  Make sure you know how you are getting TO and FROM school and how you are eating lunch the first day (bring or buy?)



    Bring your device from home or the district each day.  Please bring any passwords you have with you.  Even if you have it preset, sometimes you still need it!! 



    No worries! We will assign lockers the first week of school and help everyone practice.  Your Teachers and classmates will continue to help you out until you can do it.   It is helpful to practice on a dial-type lock at home, if possible.   


    Getting Lost

    Teachers walk students everywhere, and we know how to get there!  :)  You won't get lost.  Each morning, go the gym and line up with your homeroom.  We'll get you everywhere else. 



    Middle school is a great time to see old friends and make new ones.  Our building is full of friendly people.  You will start making new friends on the first day.



    Always know know how you are getting home. Bus riders: write down your bus number.



    We try to teach you as much as possible at school so that you will have less homework.  You should expect to have some homework most nights.


    Eating in the Cafeteria

    You will go to lunch with your homeroom.  There are four round tables for each homeroom.  You will be able to choose where you sit, but you won't have to worry about eating alone.  You will always have classmates to talk to.