• Intro to Algebra

    Pre-Algebra is a highly integrated course designed to prepare students for Algebra and Geometry. Through a carefully planned scope and sequence, students will explore, practice, and extend their knowledge of 8th grade math concepts and objectives, to promote confidence and mastery. The following is an overview of the Pre-Algebra curriculum:

    Course Overview

    Term 1                                                                                     Term 2

    Numbers and Operations                                                    Proportionality

    Real Numbers                                                                        Measurement and Data

    Expressions, Equations, Relations                                      Two-Dimensional Shapes

    Proportionality                                                                       Angle Relationships                          



    Term 3                                                                                       Term 4

    Surface Area                                                                           Personal Financial Literacy

    Volume                                                                                    STAAR Review

    Pythagorean Theorem                                                         Grade 8 Review

    Personal Financial Literacy                                                  Final Exams