2019 Tour

Mrs. Maulding's Hawaii, Australia, & New Zealand Tour

  • Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime?? 

    Join me in traveling to Hawaii, Australia, & New Zealand in June 2020.  http://www.Explorica.com/Maulding-2020   Use the discount code 2020EarlyBird before 9/20/19 to receive $100 off your trip.



    Additional trip to sign-up for now to get great low montly payments.

    2021 Best of Greece

         You can now enroll Class of 2021 for the Best of Greece.  I am so excited about this tour!!  There is the land tour and a 3 DAY CRUISE!!!  This is going to be fantastic!!  So, enroll now at http://www.Explorica.com/Maulding-2021 to reserve your spot on the trip of a lifetime!  Use the discount code 2021EarlyBird before 9/20/19 to receive $200 off your trip.


    2022 Tour coming soon!!

    Options...Class of 2022 & Class of 2023 will need to vote on their choice of destination.

        Vietnam, Cambodia, & Thailand

        Madrid & Barcelona

        Peru: Machu Picchu

        Galapagos Island Hightlights

        Beijing, Xi'an, & Shanghai