2019 Tour

Mrs. Maulding's Hawaii, Australia, & New Zealand Tour

  • Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime?? 

    Join me in traveling to Hawaii, Australia, & New Zealand in June 2020.  http://www.Explorica.com/Maulding-2020


    Europe Tour (June 10-21, 2019) is still open for late comers.  Please note that there is a late fee of $145 plus any flight late fees that apply.

    Join me in traveling to Dublin & United Kingdom this summer, June 2019.  This trip will take you to Ireland, Scotland, London, and the extended to Paris, France. Check out the details at http://www.Explorica.com/Maulding-2114 where you will find all the information on the destinations, activities, tranportation, and all the delicious cuisine we will experience.

    Additional trip to sign-up for now to get great low montly payments.

    2021 Tour coming soon!!


        Vietnam, Cambodia, & Thailand

        Madrid & Barcelona

        Best of Greece

        Peru: Machu Picchu

        Galapagos Island Hightlights

        Beijing, Xi'an, & Shanghai