Bobcat Yearbook

  • Welcome to Yearbook!!
    Students will work together as a TEAM to produce the 2020-2021 Berry Miller JH yearbook. Each student will be assigned pages, or spreads as we call them, that will come together to make up the book. Students will be given time during class to take photos and work on their individual spreads. Students will also need to stay after school and attend events to take photos for their spreads. Students will be issued a lanyard to be worn to any event they where they are taking pictures. During the year, cameras will be available for students to use. If the student breaks or loses any part of the camera they borrow, they will be responsible for replacing it. If a camera is returned to me because the student left it somewhere, they will be issues a warning the first time and a detention for any time after. 
    Students will be graded on a number of things.
    - Conduct in computer lab
    - Various check points when working on spreads
    - Daily assignments
    - Assessments
    1 Composition notebook
    Students may bring their own camera to use, but they are responsible for bringing it each day and keeping it charged.
    To purchase a yearbook, click --> Balfour
    If you would like to submit photos for be used for the yearbook, click --> ImageShare
    (All photos are subject for review and approval by advisor.)
    Project number - 122231
    Password -