• Mr. Tillis' classes are small group, but I will be their teacher of record, meaning their math grade will come from my class.  We will work on any concept in which the student struggles, while also covering the scope and sequence as required by Pearland ISD and the State of Texas. 

    I also have tutoring classes available before school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. I am available to help with their homework (or any other math work) on an as needed basis.  I am in the computer lab each morning, so have your child meet me in the lab if they need extra help.  Mr. Weber shares room 319 with me and is also available for tutoring each morning before school.

    In addition, all students attending Sablatura Middle School have access to the "FASST Math" program.  This computer based program helps students internalize their math facts by utilizing games and activities.  Look for your student's speed and accuracy to improve this year.