CONSEQUENCES (per day):

              1st  — student warning

              2nd — student warning with a conduct mark

              3rd — coduct mark with phone call to parent

              4th — Loss of privileges (i.e. seat moved, time out in another classroom, etc.)

              5th — 30 minute detention with teacher (time is at teacher's discretion and parent is contacted

              6th — office referral 

    Severe, unacceptable behavior will result in an immediate office referral.




    This year we will be using ClassDoJo, an app that is useful for recording and communicating our students' classroom behavior.  A behavior or work habit mark will be given by a teacher for any unacceptable behavior that does not comply with district/school/team policy or procedure.


    Parent-Teacher conferences - I am available for conferences from 1:40 -2:15 daily.  Please call or email to schedule a conference.



    We are sure there will be days when you will not be able to make it to school because of illnesses or other uncontrollable situations.   We will always be here to help you catch up when this happens.  When returning to school, be sure to gather all your make-up work (this is the student’s responsibility, not the teacher’s).  You will be given three days to make up these missed assignments.  For extended absences you will receive 1 day for every day you missed to make up missed work.  It is your responsibility to turn this work in; we will not come and find you if you do not turn in make up work.


    Missing and late work

    Missing and late work policy:  Students are expected to turn in work on the day that it is due during their class period.  If it is not turned in , then a zero will be placed in the gradebook until it is turned in to the teacher.  Students will have until the following Tuesday to turn it in for a maximum score of 70%.

    Corrections and re-tests:  Students are able to correct any daily grade or homework grade that is below a 70 for a maximum score of 70.  Corrections should be done on a separate sheet of paper and attached to the original.  Corrections are due the Monday after the paper has been sent home in the Thursday folder.  Students will have an opportunity to retest any test with a score below a 70.  this will be done in the teachers' classroom during enrichment or tutoring.  Major projects and benchmark tests will not be able to be corrected.



    Skyward and student responsibility:

    In sixth grade, we take this time to prepare our students for the rigors and responsibilities of junior high. We encourage and expect students to be active participants in their learning and to be confident in advocating for their educational success. Students need to check Skyward often for any missing assignments, late projects, or missed tests. It will be their responsibility to make sure that all of their assignments are turned in to the teacher on time. Students also need to be aware of any assignments/tests that are below 70%. They will need to make corrections by the date stamped on the failing paper or make arrangements with the teacher for re-tests. We want to keep an open line of communication with all of our students, so they are comfortable coming to their teachers for any questions and concerns on their behalf.