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    Here's a bit about me . . .

    I have an extensive background in education, spending 18 years in post-secondary industrial education (graphic design) prior to coming to Pearland ISD. I graduated from LaMarque High School; the University of Houston-Clear Lake with a degree in Humanities (including English Literature, Women's History, and Graphic Art); and hold a Master's Degree in Instructional Design from Western Governors University.

    As a result of 21 years of marriage, I have four lovely daughters - Christine, Cierra, Caroline, and Caithryn. Additionally, I have four granddaughters - Caeleigh, Cymberly, Stormy and Elyssa; three grandsons, Joseph, Thomas and Jesse; and three great-grand children.

    I am committed to the belief that each student is a child with an intrinsic value and worth, and, in an effort to bolster the child’s feeling of self-esteem, I will give full consideration to individual differences in the growth rate of physical, mental, social, creative, and ethical development within the school environment. Further, I believe that each individual must be accepted by the school, community, and nation on his own merits, regardless of race, creed, or color; and that we can best promulgate this acceptance by acting in a positive manner on our own convictions.

    It is also my belief that the school should be a safe place where a student can satisfy his innate curiosity, develop his abilities and talents, pursue his interests, and from the adults and others around him, get a glimpse of the great variety and richness of life. It is my goal as an educator to foster an atmosphere of intelligent, alert, wholehearted participation in a life in the 21st century.

    Finally, I believe:

    That it is my responsibility as an educator to provide for the maximum mental, moral, physical, social, and emotional growth and development of youth.

    It is the right of the individual to engage in learning experiences which will assure success in developing his unique capabilities.

    It is my responsibility to provide opportunities for the student to acquire a mastery of the basic skills.

    That a flexible program of interdisciplinary skill experiences in language arts, science, social studies, health and physical education, and the arts will develop respect for others, accept differences, develop favorable attitudes, habits, and practices necessary for responsible citizenship.

    It is our mutual responsibility to provide a wide variety of learning experiences utilizing a variety of available resources including, but not limited to: educational media, visitation, multimedia, public and private libraries, and guidance.


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