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    The Miller Athletic Program is here to provide the best opportunity for the student-athlete to excel in academics, team work, sportsmanship, self-discipline and character. The program promotes challenge, leadership, initiative, integrity, respect, and competition. These values will help ensure success on the field and court, in the classroom, and in life. Participating in athletics is a privilege, not a right. The student-athlete will be held accountable for their behavior on and off the field or court, as well as in the community.  Athletes will learn, live and play by the philosophy of these words.

    M - Mental Toughness

    I - Integrity

    L - Leadership

    L - Love of the Game

    E - Excellence

    R - Respect

    Follow link below for all athletic schedules

    Rank One Sports

    Make sure all 7th grade athletes come prepared by wearing their athletic clothes to school in the morning. 

    If an athlete is not in a sport, then they will participate in Off-season. Workouts will consist of long-distance running, sprints, weight training in the weight room and calisthenics. Athletes are expected to give 100% in all workouts and to focus during the class period. Our goal is to increase their aerobic endurance and increase their overall strength. Throughout the program, athletes will be physically and mentally challenged to push themselves to become the best student athlete that they can be. I look forward to working with your student athlete this year!

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