Berry Miller 7th grade PE


           Teacher:                          Coach Westmoreland

          Room:                             Room 210

          Conference:                     12:00-1:00 pm

          Course Description:          To engage in fun physical activity

                                                 To increase your knowledge in health related fitness

                                                 To HAVE FUN!!!! 

          Course Requirements:       Dress out everyday

                                                 Participate everyday

                                                 Keep a positive attitude everyday

          Class Rules:                    

            • When the whistle blows: STOP, BE QUIET, LOOK & LISTEN
            • Keep your hands and feet to yourself
            • Respect one another
            • Be responsible for all gym equipment
            • Be prepared and positive
            • Display appropriate locker room behavior
            • Be on time
            • Be SAFE in the locker room
            • HAVE FUN!!!!!     
        Grading Scale:           50% - Participation     50% Dressing out         
                                        2 grades per week, 1 major grade per 9 weeks     
                                        Everyone starts the 9 weeks off with a 100, it is up to you to keep it!