Grit Spotlight

  • Pearland Little League: A Legacy of Grit

    SinPearlandLL_grit ce it began in 2013, the Pearland ISD Grit Initiative has come alive in many ways. In the Pearland Little League team, we once again saw Pearland ISD students not just talking grit but displaying it on their way to the Little League World Series U.S. championship game.

    These Little League players exemplified every aspect of grit throughout the tournament:

    • Gumption to step up when the pressure was on 
    • Resiliency to bounce back when they got knocked down 
    • Integrity to celebrate others’ success and humility to give all the credit to the team 
    • Tenacity to give 110 percent to every play, out and inning

    These boys knew it could happen -- but not through magic or overnight success. This team was the product of years of hard work.

    Pearland ISD believes that in the end effort trumps talent, and these students are the ultimate example of grit in action. The team, the coaches and the community leave this Williamsport adventure better than when they went because while the Little League World Series ends, the character growth through the experience lasts forever.

    “Grit grows every time you prove to yourself that you can overcome an obstacle with perseverance and tenacity.” -- Bill Hybels

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