• Please check Skyward.com to set up email notifications of missing assignments and low grades. When you receive a notice, you can remind your student to correct the situation immediately. Students should meet with their teacher to discuss grades if needed. All students know how to log in.


    Official District Policy:

    A student receiving a failing grade on a classroom assignment or a test with scores of 69 or below, has the opportunity to make correction to earn a grade of up to a 70. The student must request from his/her teacher the opportunity to make corrections or schedule the retake of the test. The student has up to 3 days from the time the assignment is handed back to him/her to make corrections or retake the test. This guideline does not include projects, final or semester exams, or benchmarks.

    General Info:

    • All grades below 70 should be corrected.
    • Teachers are available to help during electives and/or academic prep if needed.
    • Corrections that can be completed at home should be completed at home.
    • Students are responsible for keeping track of papers that need to be corrected.
    • Corrections must be made by the student, in the student's handwriting.
    • Corrections are the student’s responsibility.

    To receive credit for the correction, the student MUST:

    1. Rewrite the missed question and write the correct answer on a separate sheet of paper.
    2. Show all of your work.  
    3. Turn in the correction page and the original graded paper, signed by a parent.
    4. Return papers within 3 days of receipt.
    5. Corrections should be placed in the teacher’s turn in basket.

    Special Math Note:

    • Facts quizzes may be corrected by rewriting the missed question and the answer 3 times each.