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5 Area Plans for Student Success

At Pearland ISD, student achievement and progress are at the center of everything we do. I see our Pearland ISD community as a triangulation of support – a three-sided partnership. We have the parents, the teachers, and the administration – with the student in the middle. We all represent a leg of the triangle, and we all have responsibilities and accountability to each other. If one leg of the triangle is not doing its job, the structure and partnership fail. Posted below are our 5 Area Plans that outline each leg of our collaboration. Our partnerships will rely on empowered and engaged relationships. These 5 Area Plans are blueprints, agreements, and promises to each other on how we can achieve our goal to Build Pearland Proud!

Please take a little time and review these 5 Area Plans. These are plans that can and will be adjusted throughout the year. The methods may change, but our goal and mission of student success will never change.

Dr. Larry Berger

Gina Guzzetta
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent

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