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Berger Bulletin

December 2023 Berger Bulletin


Back to Basics the 1st Weeks of School

The 1st weeks of school bring celebration and frustration. We celebrate our students returning to campuses and the possibilities and potential that await. We become frustrated with traffic, transportation, and paperwork. As the District, we share in the celebrations and are working to mitigate the frustrations.


Back to School August 2023

Welcome back! 2023-24 school year will be a journey we take together to continue to Build Pearland Proud.


School Safety

In one way or another, over the past few months, I have received the question, "What are you doing to keep our school safe?". Parents and the community rightfully become anxious about school safety when we receive a report of a fight at school, a social media threat, an aggressive text message, or a student found with a weapon.


Parent Forums

Four parent forums where held in the 1st semester where several topics of concern and ideas for progress were discussed


March 2023

You will start seeing the slogan "Pearland Proud-Ask Me How?" When you see it, you might wonder if we are asking the wrong question. Shouldn’t it read Ask Me Why? To build Pearland Proud is a process.


Happy New Year

When the calendar turns over, and we welcome a New Year, we often consider our lives and make resolutions to change. New Year's resolutions often turn into unkept promises to ourselves. The issue is our mindset around resolutions.