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District of Innovation

Pearland ISD's District of Innovation Plan was developed as a result of House Bill 1842, which allows districts to be exempted from cumbersome state laws and increases opportunities for innovation. The board of trustees approved the plan during its Nov. 15 regular meeting.

Pearland ISD's purpose is to avoid fully and partially unfunded mandates that interfere with effective, efficient use of taxpayer dollars for educating students.

Foremost, the District of Innovation Plan seeks to enhance the environment and capabilities of teachers and staff. The District Education Improvement Council that approved this plan substantially comprises teachers. Thus, exemptions included in the plan are primarily those that boost teacher productivity and morale.

The purpose of the plan is to advance. . .
  • Innovative curriculum
  • Instructional methods
  • Community participation
  • Governance of campuses
  • Parental involvement
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District of Innovation Plan.