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Required Postings


Campus Report Cards (Texas Education Code § 39.0544)

District Performance Report (Texas Education Code § 39.362)

District Accreditation Status & Performance Rating (Texas Education Code § 39.362)

Texas Academic Performance Report (Texas Education Code § 39.362)

Federal Report Cards (20 U.S.C. § 6311(h)(2)(B)(iii)(l))

Board Contact Information (Tex. Educ. Code § 11.1518; Tex. Gov’t Code § 2051.201)

Board of Trustees

Elected Officials (Texas Government Code § 2051.152(2))

Election Information (Texas Government Code § 2051.152)

Notice of Board Meetings (Texas Government Code § 551.056)

Board Meeting Archived Video & Audio (Texas Government Code § 551.128)

Election Notice (Texas Election Code § 85.007(d)(1))

Financial Information

Financial Transparency (Texas Local Government Code § 140.008)(Government Code § 1201.0245)

Summary of Proposed Budget (Texas Education Code § 44.0041(a)(1))

Adopted Budget (Texas Education Code § 39.084)

Annual Report (Texas Local Government Code § 140.008(f)(1))

Conflicts Disclosure Statements & Questionnaires (Texas Local Government Code § 176.009)

Tax Rate Trend Information (Tax Code § 26.16)


Student Physical Activity Policies (Student Handbook) (Texas Education Code § 28.004)

Student Health Advisory Committee Meetings (Texas Education Code § 28.004)

Student Health Advisory Committee Recordings (Texas Education Code § 28.004)

Student Health Advisory Committee Meetings Prior Year (Texas Education Code § 28.004)

Immunization Requirements and Recommendations (Texas Education § Code 38.019)

Policies Regarding Vending Machines (Student Handbook) (Texas Education Code § 28.004)

Policies on Tobacco Products and E-cigarettes (Student Handbook) (Texas Education Code § 28.004)

Parents can Request Their Child's Physical Assessment (Student Handbook) (Texas Education Code § 28.004)

Campus Full-Time Nurse and Full-Time School Counselor Information (Student Handbook) (Texas Education Code § 28.004)


Campus Behavior Coordinators (Texas Education Code § 26.015)

Employment Policies (Texas Education Code § 21.204(d))

Superintendent's Contract (Texas Administrative Code § 109.1005(b)(2)(A))

Title IX

Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex in Education Programs (106.45(b)(10)(i)(D))

Miscellaneous Documents

Special Education Transition & Employment Guide (Texas Education Code § 29.0112(e)(1))

Local Programs and Services Available to Assist Homeless Students (Texas Education Code § 33.906(a)) 

Bulling Reporting Procedures (Texas Education Code § 37.0832(e))


Graduation Plans (Found in Student Handbooks) - (Texas Education Code § 28.0212(b))