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Off-Campus Physical Education



The following is a list of basic requirements that have been established by Pearland ISD and the Texas Education Agency.  These requirements must be met and maintained for the student to be eligible for participation in the program.


1)      The purpose of the program is to accommodate students who are making a serious effort to develop high-level capabilities, allowing them to be involved in an off-campus program that provides training exceeding that offered by the school district.

2)      Off-campus physical activity programs will be approved only for those students who have been strongly recommended by qualified instructors.

3)      Only those students in grades seven (7) thru twelve (12) are eligible for consideration for the off-campus program. 

4)      Students involved in any type of activity that meets the TEA Commissioner’s Criteria will be considered for the off-campus program.

5)      Students applying for Off-Campus Physical Education will be considered under two (2) categories:


CATEGORY I:  These programs typically involve a minimum of fifteen (15) hours per week of highly intense, professionally supervised training.  Students qualifying at this level may be dismissed from school one period per day for such participation.  Students participating at this level may receive a maximum of one credit per semester.  A total of one and one-half credits may be earned toward state high school graduation requirements.  Students dismissed may not miss any class other than physical education.


CATEGORY II:  These programs typically involve a maximum of five (5) hours per week in a high quality, well-supervised program by appropriately trained instructors and are for a minimum of three (3) days per week.  Students certified to participate at this level MAY NOT be dismissed from any part of the regular school day.  Students participating at this level may receive a maximum of one-half credit per semester.  A total of one and one-half credits may be earned toward state high school graduation requirements.  All participation must always be under the direct supervision of the instructor.  Students may not receive a Category II waiver for any class (such as dance) that is offered at the school.


6)      Students who are participating in the program for physical education credit may not be enrolled in another physical education class of athletics during this time.

7)      The students may not have more than five (5) unexcused absences per semester at the off-campus facility.  Excessive school homework is not an excused absence for the required activity.

8)      The facility will be required to document and certify all efforts to comply with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) as they apply to the specific activity being taught.

9)      The records concerning daily attendance, records of completion, contest results, etc. must be fully completed and returned to the athletic department on the appropriate due date.

10) The instructor will be required to report a final grade at the conclusion of each semester.

11) The private instructor must constantly observe and evaluate the student’s attitude, work habits and progress.  If at any time the student fails to maintain a high level of performance, the instructor will be expected to contact the district’s program director and withdraw the recommendation for student participation and the student will no longer be considered eligible for the program.

12) The Pearland ISD program director will conduct an annual review of the adherence to the agreed upon regulation by both the student and the facility.  If that review is not satisfactory, the facility’s accreditation by the district may be revoked.


Off-campus PE Forms