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Financial Transparency

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Financial transparency and accountability are critical components in managing taxpayer resources.  Pearland Independent School District is committed to serving the public by establishing an online resource of meaningful financial information that is both easily accessible and understandable, in an open, honest and transparent manner.

We recognize that there are many stakeholders who share an interest in the efforts of the District, including students, parents, taxpayers and other members of our community.  As part of this continuing process, we have created this website to provide you with direct access to this information and enable you to make informed decisions about the financial stability of the District. 

The District’s Financial Transparency site meets the recommendations set forth by the Texas Comptroller’s Office Transparency Stars for Local Governments. For additional details regarding financial transparency, visit the Texas Comptrollers Transparency website.


Traditional Finances

Summary & Visualization

Our Financial Transparency data is derived from the Governmental Fund Statements in the District’s Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) for the most recently audited fiscal year ended June 30, 2022. 

Governmental Funds include the General Fund (the District’s primary operating fund), Special Revenues Funds (various federal, state, and local grants and sources), Debt Service Fund (payment of bond interest and principal), and Capital Projects Funds (expenditures from bond proceeds and other capital projects).


Tax Rate

The District's property tax rate is made up of a Maintenance & Operations (M&O) tax rate and an Interest & Sinking (I&S)/Debt Service tax rate. The M&O tax rate provides funds for the maintenance and operations of the school district. The I&S tax rate provides funds for the payments on the debt that finances the district's facilities.


Budget Documents

FY 2020-21 (Proposed Adopted Raw)
FY 2019-20 (Proposed Adopted Raw)
FY 2018-19 (Proposed Adopted Raw)
FY 2017-18 (Proposed Adopted)
FY 2016-17 (Proposed Adopted)
FY 2015-16 (Proposed Adopted)

Financial Reports

FY 2022-23 (CAFR | AFR Summary)
FY 2021-22 (CAFR | AFR Summary)
FY 2020-21 (CAFR | AFR Summary)
FY 2019-20 (CAFR AFR Summary)
FY 2018-19 (CAFR AFR Summary)
FY 2017-18 (CAFR AFR Summary)
FY 2016-17 (CAFR AFR Summary)
FY 2016-17 (AFR)
FY 2015-16 (AFR)
FY 2014-15 (AFR)

Other Reports

2023 10-Year Capital Renewal Plan

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Transparency Star Award


Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting
MBA Recipient 2022-23