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The grades K - Calculus BC program strives to create students who can apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the classroom and beyond. As they develop an appreciation for math, students will acquire the tools needed to become productive citizens with expanded career opportunities.

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Math



Pearland ISD's math curriculum is aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, with course descriptions defined by the state.

Mathematics Course Recommended Pathways Grades 5-12


Content Specific Resources

Yearly Overviews

Elementary School

Middle/ Junior High School

High School


5th Grade Regular

Algebra I


5th Grade PAP


1st Grade

6th Grade Regular

PAP Geometry

2nd Grade

6th Grade PAP

Algebra II

3rd Grade

7th Grade Regular

PAP Algebra II

4th Grade

7th Grade PAP



8th Grade Regular

PAP Pre-Calculus






Financial Math



Algebraic Reasoning



Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Math

Math Specialists

Brenda O'Banion, High School Math Specialist

Brenda O’Banion comes to Pearland ISD with 26 years of experience in secondary math. She holds a master’s degree in education administration from Lamar University. She has served as department chair, TAKS/STAAR team lead/facilitator and new teacher mentor. Her leadership experience ranges from creating and presenting staff developments/trainings and designing curriculum to implementing vertical and horizontal math alignments and disaggregating data for school improvement. In 2009, she was honored to be named Campus Teacher of the Year. O’Banion is committed to collaborating with teachers and administrators to strengthen and improve the district’s math curriculum through mentoring, coaching and presenting/modeling best practices and instructional strategies.

Mandy Trom, Middle and Junior High Math Specialist

Mandy Trom taught elementary and junior high mathematics for 10 years in Pearland ISD. As a teacher, she served as grade level team-leader, participated in curriculum writing, presented at staff development, and was a new teacher mentor. In 2013 and 2015, she earned Campus Teacher of the Year. As a specialist, she provides support and curriculum to all 5-8 mathematics teachers through coaching, mentoring, and district staff development while implementing the district initiatives. Trom holds a Bachelor of Science in interdisciplinary studies and a Master of Education in curriculum and instruction, both from University of Houston – Clear Lake.

Bonnie Smith, Elementary Math Specialist

Bonnie Smith has taught elementary in Pearland ISD for 16 years. She has served as a grade-level team leader and mentor to new teachers as well as student teachers.  In addition to being a classroom teacher, Bonnie was also the Title I math intervention teacher, supporting students and teachers on campus.  She has presented at numerous staff developments, participated in math curriculum writing, and served as the committee chair on campus teams.  As a district math specialist, Bonnie continues to provide support through coaching, modeling, and implementing district math initiatives.

Stephanie Weaver, Elementary Math Specialist

Stephanie Weaver taught elementary and middle school in Pearland ISD for 16 years. Her leadership roles included grade-level and math department team leader. At the district level, she has participated in math curriculum writing and presented at staff development. In 2011, Weaver was a state finalist for the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. As a math specialist, she supports teachers with math initiatives and serves as a math coach.