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Usernames and Passwords Configurations

For Teachers:
Username = network username
Password = network password
For Students
Username: network username
Password: network password

Are you having issues logging in at school?

Make sure you are using the link provided by the Online Textbook Page.  This will log you into your Clever dashboard and from there you can select the appropriate resource.


Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Did you try a different browser?  Sometimes browsers act differently with different products.  Please try another browser and make sure your device has the most up-to-date browser.
  2. Getting an error logging in from the Online Textbook page link or not seeing the correct product?  Try clearing out your browser history and then relaunching.
  3. Did you get an error message? If so please use the Snipping Tool or take a picture and send it to the with a description of the issue, the browser you are using, as well as the device (district laptop, iPad, or other) and an picture if possible.
    • Snip Tool
      To take a Snip, use the Snipping Tool on your computer and select the error message you receive. 
    • You can copy or save the image and paste it into your email to the
  4. Is the site blocked?  If you receive the following error, this means the site is blocked.  For example: the link to the online textbook shows this error:
    Application Blocked
  5. Please make sure that you shut down your computer and not just shut the lid (on the laptop).  Without proper shutdown, you may have an issue when trying to access the network.  If you do, try rebooting the machine again.  If the problem persists, locate your campus technician for assistance.


Issues logging in from home?

Contact your campus ETS or the Technology Department at 281-485-3203 or email