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9-12: GT Service Options


  • In grades 9-12, teachers who have completed the G/T foundational training required by the state of Texas provide services to identified students through Advanced Placement (AP), Pearland Advanced Programs (PAP), acceleration, and double-content courses.​
  • The AP program allows students to take college-level classes as part of their high school curriculum.​
    • These courses offer challenging learning experiences and maintain national standards set by the College Board.
    • Students who meet specific criteria set by each college or university on an AP Exam receive credit for specific college courses. 
    • Pearland ISD offers AP courses in all core areas as well as several elective areas.
  • PAP courses may include courses designed for preparation for Advanced Placement, courses that are open to all students seeking challenging coursework, courses in which Gifted students are clustered, or courses created especially for Gifted and/or accelerated students. ​
  • Additional opportunities include credit by exam and early graduation.​


  • Gifted students are expected to:
    • Demonstrate intellectual and emotional maturity
    • Have an A or B in the prior class of the same subject
    • Have a strong work ethic
    • Manage their time wisely
    • Work outside of class
    • Enroll in PAP and AP courses in their areas of strength and interest
    • Participate in real world research and to develop professional style products
    • Have opportunities to accelerate and to enroll in multiple courses in the same content area as long as they meet specific academic course requirements
    • Enroll in AP Seminar and AP Research

Open Enrollment and Course Availability

  • Any student can take any AP/PAP class that is offered at a campus as long as they meet the course and grade-level prerequisites.
  • All PAP courses are available at DHS, PHS, and THS with the following exceptions:
    • PAP Algebra 1 is not available at Glenda Dawson High School.
    • THS does not offer PAP Spanish, French, or Art courses.
    • THS does not offer PAP Linear Algebra / Multivariable Calculus
  • All AP courses offered by the district are available for enrollment at DHS and PHS.
  • A select few AP courses are available at THS, as the primary focus of THS is Dual Credit and Career & Technology courses and programs.
    • AP Human Geography
    • AP World History
    • AP English Language & Composition
    • AP Precalculus
    • AP Environmental Science
    • AP Computer Science Principles
  • Courses must meet a minimum student threshold in order to be offered.  If this threshold is not met, students must choose an alternative course.

AP Special Request

  • AP Special Request Application should be completed by students who wish to select an AP or PAP class for which they do not satisfy the stated grade-level or course prerequisite(s).
  • The student must demonstrate that they understand sufficient prerequisite information through independent study or an outside academic program for their request to be accepted by the campus. They will need:
    • A statement (limit of 250 words, double-spaced) written by the student explaining why the request is necessary and how the student expects to meet the additional demands of the requested course
    • A brief teacher recommendation (one paragraph will suffice)
    • A copy of the most recent report card
  • Level 1 appeals will be submitted to a designated campus administrator, and level 2 appeals will be submitted to Dr. Joseph Cahill, director of the Advanced Academics department for re-evaluation.

Dual Credit

  • Pearland ISD does not consider dual credit courses as part of its G/T Service Design.
    • The majority of the college professors are not Pearland ISD employees and, therefore, are not under the district's purview to require added depth and complexity or to require a professional product or presentation by G/T students.
    • Pearland ISD does not provide input in the course curricula.
  • Dual credit courses are the best college preparation provided to the district's on-level learners, while AP is the best college preparation provided to the district's advanced-level and G/T learners.

Extracurricular Activities

  • In addition to advanced courses, the Advanced Academics department considers the following extracurricular activities as G/T service options:
    • Academic Decathlon
      • PHS & THS
      • Academic Decathlon is offered as a course during the school day.
    • Model United Nations
      • DHS
    • Future Problem Solvers
      • DHS
    • Robotics
      • Districtwide Team, Meets at THS
  • All students (G/T and non-G/T) are able to participate in any of these activities that are offered at their campus.