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Student Health Conditions

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Limited first aid can be provided in the school clinic. Your school nurse or nurse aide will notify you if your child is ill or injured and requires medical attention beyond our resources.

If unable to reach you or other emergency contacts, school personnel may call an ambulance. Parents are responsible for associated emergency costs.

You should provide information about your child’s current health concerns at the beginning of every school year and update as necessary throughout the school year. Please contact clinic staff with questions or changes to your child’s medical history.

If your child has a chronic condition that will be managed in the school setting, school health service staff must be provided with physician and parent guidelines for individualized health care of the student. The following forms are available for you to take to your child's medical provider. The form should be filled out by the medical provider and signed and dated by both the physician and the parent every new school year and as your child's condition changes.







Epilepsy / Seizures


Other Health Conditions