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Clinical Teacher Placement

Pearland Teacher

Pearland ISD offers Clinical Teaching placement opportunities for university students and alternative certification candidates. We process all clinical teachers as substitutes. If you are currently an active substitute, only complete steps 1 & 2 below.

To begin in August, placement request need to be made between April 1 - May 1. To begin in January, placement request need to be made between October 15 - November 15. Late inquiries may be denied based on campus/teacher availability.

Steps to Apply for Clinical Teaching:

1. Your program director/coordinator must contact Roxana Rigdon, Recruitment and Retention Specialist, to request placement in our district. Be sure to include clinician name, personal email address, certification areas, grade-level preference, start and end dates of placement, and field supervisor contact information.

2. Once you are accepted, your program director/coordinator will receive an email designating a campus and cooperating teacher. Please do not contact the campus principal, teachers, or Human Resource staff for this information.  

3. Complete the "Substitute" online application (state background check will be processed).  Attach transcripts if you are degreed and include a valid email address.

4. Complete digital fingerprinting FAST pass information will be sent by email with a contact number to find an L-1 fingerprinting facility.  You are responsible for payment and scheduling this appointment.  The facility will accept credit/debit card, check or money order payment for approximately $48 (no cash).  Take your Fast Pass to the appointment along with a valid ID. Keep record of your payment for district reimbursement.

5. Once fingerprinting has been verified, you'll receive an email to complete required electronic smart forms.  You may log back into your online application and click on the "Substitute Teacher Forms" on the right.  Once you complete these forms, click "Send to HR."

6. At least one week prior to orientation training date, clinical teachers must complete smart forms online, bring I-9 unexpired documents, and fingerprint payment receipt to Human Resource Office.

7. Your process will be complete when you attend a scheduled "Clinical Teacher Substitute Orientation Training" and have a substitute ID badge made to wear on campus.