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Disability Insurance

Disability Coverage
Benefit Waiting Period Monthly Premium per/$200
14 $2.34
30 $2.10
90 $1.22
180 $0.94

Benefit Waiting Period: The period of time you must continuously be disabled before benefits become payable.

1st day Hospital Benefit: If hospitalized on the first date of disability for at least 4 hours and have elected 14- or 30-day period, benefits are payable on the first day of hospitalization. In other words, the waiting period is waived. 


Disability Insurance is designed to protect your salary up to 66%, should you become disabled as a result of a covered accident or illness.

  • Coverage is available in increments of $100 from $200 to $8,000.
  • Benefits are paid year-round, regardless of employee summer or holiday breaks.
  • Benefits are payable regardless if the employee continues to receive paychecks from the District.
  • Maternity is covered the same as illness.