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Compensation Terms                                                 

  • Pay Range - The range of pay from minimum to maximum, established for a pay grade. Used as a guideline for setting and controlling individual pay rates
  • Job Family - Jobs involving work of the same nature but requiring different skill and responsibility levels
  • Pay Grade - One of the levels or groups into which jobs of the same or similar value are grouped for compensation purposes.
  • Minimum Pay Rate - The lowest pay value in a pay range. 
  • Midpoint Rate - The control point in a pay range that is halfway between the min and max points. This is the competitive control point representing the desired target rate of pay for experienced and competent job incumbents.
  • Maximum Pay Rate - The highest pay value in a pay range. 
  • General Pay Increase (GPI) - A pay increase given “across the board” to all or to a general category of employees without variation for individual performance. 
  • Equity Adjustment - A special pay increase granted, in addition to a general pay increase, to correct or improve an identified inequity in pay.
  • Market Comparison - The ratio of pay for a job compared to pay for the same job in the external job market.

           Additional Texas Association of School Boards Glossary of Compensation Terms