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Pay Grades and Job Families

Pay grades provide a framework for compensation practices by defining the pay range for a particular job.

The pay grade defines the level of responsibility performed within the job description of the position. Many Texas school district pay grades have a minimum (starting pay for individuals with no experience), midpoint (market rate aligned with years of experience) and maximum (highly experienced personnel). Pay for newly hired or current employees can fall at any point within the pay range as defined by the district Compensation Plan.

Once initial pay is established at the point of hire, any Board approved general pay increases are applied annually. Generally, Board approved general pay increases are calcualted using a percentage of each respective pay grade midpoint.

A job family is a series of jobs involving work of the same nature, but requiring different levels of skill and responsibility. For example, it is quite common to find a cafeteria worker's job in the same job family as a custodian.

Click Here to Access Pearland ISD Pay Grades and Compensation Information.