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Pearland ISD Multi-Hazard Plan (EOP)

Pearland ISD has created a Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan in conjunction with the District Safety Committee. This plan is reviewed by the district safety committee annually.

Pearland ISD Emergency Operations Plan


The prevention phase of emergency management consists of actions districts take to avoid an incident or to intervene to stop an incident from occurring.


The mitigation phase of emergency management focuses on activities that eliminate or reduce the loss of life and property from a disaster by avoiding or lessening the impact and providing value by creating safer communities. The effectiveness of mitigation is dependent on district and campus policy to sustain mitigation activities. 


The preparedness phase of emergency management consists of actions districts conduct to increase their level of readiness to respond to emergencies and disasters. Actions involve a combination of planning, resources, training, exercising, and organizing to build, sustain, and improve operational capabilities. Preparedness is the process of identifying the personnel, training, and equipment needed for hazards and developing district plans.


The response phase of emergency management addresses short-term activities including, immediate actions to save lives, protect property, and meet basic human needs. Response also includes the execution of emergency operations plans. The focus of this phase is to meet the basic needs including the physical and psychological safety of the students, faculty, staff, and surrounding community until more permanent solutions can be identified.


The recovery phase of emergency management begins immediately following the impact of a disaster and encompasses both short-term and long-term efforts for rebuilding and revitalization of the affected area. This phase is characterized by the activities undertaken by the district and community to establish a “new normal.” 

EOP Cycle