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Inter-District Student Transfers for Children of Employees

Employee and child live outside the Pearland ISD boundary. You must select Inter-District Transfer in the program.

Transfer period begins February 1, 2024.

There is no deadline for full-time employees however you should apply early. Some campuses have limited space available. Your child will not be placed in a class at the desired campus before you have an approved transfer application. Do not wait until August to apply. It may delay your child’s enrollment.


A child of a full-time Pearland ISD employee: The full-time employee must be the parent the child lives with and:
  1. Be listed as parent on the student’s birth certificate, OR
  2. Be married to the parent listed on the student’s birth certificate and live with the student, OR
  3. Be the court appointed permanent legal guardian who lives with the student

Other relations are not accepted for this application. Documentation is required to establish eligibility.
A fulltime employee of Pearland ISD: an employee with a permanent position who receives a regular paycheck from Pearland ISD and qualifies for TRS.  It does not include substitutes or contract workers.

Instruction for Employees

Employees must register their employee information in their profile information of the transfer program to have access past the deadline for non-employees, or to request your work location as the campus if it is a closed campus. You must SAVE your profile information once input, log out and log back in for changes to be effective.

If you are a recent hire:  The program will not recognize you as an employee until all of your employment information has been processed by the HR Dept., Technology Dept., and Payroll Dept. If you are a new full-time employee and the transfer program does not recognize you as such, contact those departments to expedite the processing of your employment information. Also, verify that you input your profile information correctly.

The following campuses/programs are closed to inter-district transfers unless the parent is a full-time employee at that campus, the student is a current transfer student attending that campus, or a current transfer student in that feeder pattern. Additional campuses and/or programs may close as they reach capacity. Feeder pattern transfer information is below.

Sablatura Middle School
Berry Miller Junior High
Pearland Junior High West
Dawson High School (has limited space available and will close when the spaces are filled)
PACE Center
GT Academy
Dual Language Program


Feeder Pattern Transfer

The transfer program will not allow you to select a campus that is closed unless the parent works full time at that campus and their employee information is registered in their profile in the transfer program. If a student is a current transfer student at a closed campus or a current transfer student in that feeder pattern, you may select “feeder pattern transfer” at the school selection drop down to continue attendance in the feeder pattern. Under reasons, input a comment stating the campus selection.

PACE and the GT Academy have no feeder patterns and are open to PISD residents only.

Information you need prior to applying for a transfer:
  1. The district name and campus name of the school your child is zoned to attend next year for the grade applied for. Students transfer from the school they are zoned to attend next year for the grade applied for, even if they have never attended that school. They do not transfer from homeschool, private school, charter school, school they attended on a transfer, etc.
  2. The county code, district code, and campus code for the school your child is zoned to attend next year. You will get that information from the school or district office where your child is zoned to attend next year. All principals should know their codes. Some schools have it listed on their website. You may also look up your zoned school on the TEA website at: (Some schools are listed by their full name.)  These numbers are not zip codes, phone numbers, or area codes. Each code has three digits. Example: Brazoria County is 020, Pearland ISD is 908, Pearland HS is 001, so the code for PHS is 020-908-001. Your code will vary according to the county, district, and campus where your child is zoned to attend next year. Applications without the proper information will be rejected.
  3. If your child attended a school other than Pearland ISD during the 2023-2024 school year you will need to submit records for the schools attended including attendance, punctuality, and discipline records for all of the schools attended during the 2023-2024 school year to establish eligibility, and records/details of any Special Program that your child qualifies to receive services for. See instructions on the application to upload multiple documents.

By clicking on the link below, you verify that you have read all of the above information.

Link to Transfer Program